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        Our organization was born in Istanbul in 1997 under the name Steel Hand Tools was founded by Turgut Silahdar.
        Hand Tools 1997, manufacturing continued until 2001 in Istanbul. Bartin province in 2001 and moved to the town of Kumluca. From 2001 until 2004, production continued uninterrupted.
        Again in 2004 under the leadership of Turgut Silahdar'ın HAND TOOLS INC. SİLAHDAR with nine founding partners established.
In line with our objectives as Silahdar Inc. continues to produce at full speed and our services continue across World.

        Our products are in line with the ongoing demands of our customers since 2004, production is concentrated in the agricultural and construction equipment. This is in line with the demands of orthopedic TSE shovel handle ax, sledgehammer handle and back handle grain shovel handle dustpan handle increased range of products as well as new products, agriculture and the construction sector.
         Yoğunluğumuzdan in this sector due to our title published in the Official Gazette No. 8403 of 12 September 2013 Silahdar construction and agriculture equipment Industry CO be changed.